Voter Empowerment Project Founding Organizer & Technical Projects Lead, Nov 2019 - Present
The Voter Empowerment Project (VEP) is a volunteer-led initiative that mobilizes individuals to support voter turnout in high-need areas. Our volunteer network provides remote technical assistance to small, high-impact, BIPOC-led groups that organize voter registration, voter education, and other activities to historically disadvantaged communities.

My aunt connected me to Dave, the founder of VEP, in November 2019, and I was inspired by his mission to partner with grassroots, front-line voting rights organizations beacuse they are most in touch with the needs of their community.

As a founding organizer and the project manager of all technical tasks, my evolving roles and responsibilities include: With Covid-19, our work became increasingly important as we helped our partners create and sustain an engaging online presence. And the work continues with the upcoming runoff in Georgia!
A thank you video from our partner Hispanic Affairs Project in Colorado A voter pledge card that we coded for our Pittsburgh partner
B-PEP (Black Political Empowerment Project)