Priya Chatwani
Priya is an educator, organizer, and civic technologist.
I center anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, and intersectionality in my efforts to redistribute resources, strengthen people-powered movements, and inspire youth.

I'm building community power.
I advocate for radical change and liberation in community with other South Asians, class-privileged young people, abolitionists, and California residents. In 2020, I created a mutual aid network that connected over 1000 people in LA County and was replicated in three other cities.

I'm building grassroots political change.
At Politics Rewired, I helped equip Leftist candidates and unions with effective organizing tools. I also volunteer for grassroots political campaigns and support voting rights groups with the Voter Empowerment Project.

I'm building the future.
As a public middle school teacher in East Oakland, I learn from students every day, and I strive to integrate art, social justice, and restorative practices into my computer science classroom.

I use she and they pronouns and grew up in Southern California on Tongva land. Catch me practicing yoga, concocting a new popcorn spice mix, or dreaming about coffee.
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